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Want to know where can I buy bee propolis?

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Welcome to your online store specialising in a full range of propolis products. If you are looking for a site to buy propolis we offer an extensive range of propolis products manufactured and packed in the UK to the highest standards by Bee Health Ltd.

Buy the full range of Propolis products online: Propolis cream, Propolis Liquid, Propolis capsules and PropolisTablets. As a natural remedy for colds and sore throats why not try Bee health Propolis Throat Spray, Propolis Winter Mixture or Pure Propolis Liquid. We also sell Bee Health pollen Capsules, nature’s ultimate food supplement. A full range of Propolis supplements and creams including Halal Propolis and Halal food supplements. We also stock Propolis suitable for vegetarians. Our propolis is made in the UK by Bee Health Ltd. We aim to be your one stop shop for all your Propolis products. Offering a competitive price and a superior service. Bringing local service and value to the World Wide Web. Bee Health Propolis. Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards by Bee Health Ltd the UK's leading manufacturer of propolis and other natural products provided by nature and the bee. Please note Propolis products are not suitable for people with an allergy to tree resin. If you are unsure that you are allergic to tree resin apply a small amount first to an area such as the wrist and observe over the next 24 hours if you have an allergic reaction before you apply or use the products generally


Propolis Products - A gift from nature;